Disability Insurance

Disability insurance, or disability income insurance, is extremely important. No one ever knows when an injury or illness may strike, leaving you unable to work, wiping out your salary, commission and bonuses.

Disability insurance helps protect you from that threat. Even if you already have long-term disability coverage, it typically covers only 60% of your salary on average, and doesn’t cover your commission or bonuses, leaving you with a large gap in income which can be hard to recover from.

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Disability Insurance Income Gap

You may have group long-term disability (GLTD) benefits, but it’s important to note that a gap can exist between those benefits and your normal take-home. It’s even hard to pinpoint exactly how much of a gap will exist should you ever be unable to work. Knowing the actual benefits you’ll be paid allows you to plan better, and close the remaining gabp with an individual disability income insurance policy.

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Radius Choice®

Radius Choice® individual disability income insurance from MassMutual is essential personal protection which can fill the gaps – including lost bonuses and commissions – with tax-free benefits. This can help secure your future should you become disabled and meet the policy requirements.

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