Life Settlements

If, due to age or medical necessity, you need to sell your life insurance policy, you can! A life settlement allows you to receive a cash settlement, based on the value of your policy and a number of other factors. Through medical questionnaires and health modeling, the value of your policy can be determined, and an offer can be made to you.

Our partnership with Settlement Masters allows offers to be made much faster than in the past - sometimes within 24 hours, rather than the 4-6 weeks you used to have to wait.

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Life Settlements With Settlement Masters

Syren Capital Insurance Services Group partners with Settlement Masters for life settlements. Settlement Masters has streamlined the underwriting and offer-making process, and provides you with a timeline and weekly updates until your settlement is complete.

By completing a short medical questionnaire, we can benchmark your life expectancy based on similar individuals, providing a preliminary valuation back to you, typically within 48 hours.

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