Business Planning

Most business owners believe business planning for the transition at death is key, but a transition during their lifetime is much more likely. That’s why it’s important to plan how your business transition will impact your retirement.

One of the most important business planning steps you can take is to make sure your buy-sell agreement does what you want.

A buy-sell agreement that reflects your current financial results means everyone can be happy – retiring or exiting owners or heirs get a fair value, remaining owners don’t over- or under-pay, and costly delays are avoided.

It’s just as important to know what your business is worth, An unexpected event could leave you or your successors and heirs frustrated if the buy-sell agreement kicks in, and stated values don’t match the real world

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Business Taxes

It’s important to stay on top of the latest business tax law changes. On Dec. 22, 2017, President Trump signed the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This law affects many key business planning provisions, and we’d be pleased to go over your options with you.

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Buy-Sell Options For Your Business

Make sure your buy-sell agreement does what you want. A properly-funded, well-drafted agreement which reflects your goals and objectives can protect you during both planned and unplanned events, like retirement, death, disability, divorce or termination.

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Key Person Insurance

Oftentimes, the most valuable assets of any business are the key people who contribute most to its success. They generate revenue, handle major responsibilities and have unique knowledge that seems irreplaceable. If their loss would create a financial burden that puts the business at risk, a key person insurance policy is a simple and efficient solution.

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