Premium Finance

At Syren Capital Insurance Services Group, we believe in providing the best premium finance investments possible to protect and grow your assets. Therefore, we prefer to use GraciePoint for premium finance, rather than traditional programs.

What Is GraciePoint?

GraciePoint is a boutique specialty premium finance company we partner with to provide their service to you. Through GraciePoint, we are able to provide best-in-class capital markets-driven funding solutions, resulting in innovative and customized leveraged-strategies.

Life insurance offers numerous benefits, including the potential for a tax-free death benefit that can help prevent loved ones from bearing a large financial burden. However, high net worth individuals require life insurance policies that have considerable premiums and may create a liquidity consideration.

Premium Financing of life insurance is a sophisticated planning strategy that allows the High Net Worth individual the ability to align their life insurance leverage strategies with those they use every day in their family and business planning.

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