Policy Reviews

Policy reviews are essential for every type of insurance policy – health, life, long-term care, disability, property, casualty, auto, and on and on. An annual policy review allows you to keep track of the basics, understand the benefits and know if you need to make changes.

Whether you discover you have duplicate coverage, too much coverage or are under-insured, a thorough insurance review can be a life-saver.

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What To Track In An Insurance Policy Review

Life Insurance Policy Review

  • Total Death Benefit
  • Additional Riders
  • Term Policy
  • Performance Of Internal Investments
  • In-Force Illustration

Long-Term Care Policy Review

  • Per-Day Benefit
  • Length Of Benefits
  • In-Home Care Coverage
  • Assisted Living Facility Coverage
  • Waiting Period

Disability Insurance Review

  • Monthly Benefit
  • Length Of Benefits
  • Definition Of Disability