Long-Term Care

Help protect your family’s future with long-term care. Beyond life insurance, you should also heavily consider a long-term care rider for your policy. No one wants to spend personal savings or retirement funds on long-term care expenses.

But, as we continue to live longer and health care costs continue to rise, paying for long-term care becomes a real concern which insurance can help with.

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Long-Term Care Insurance Rider

Long-Term Care Insurance Facts

  • 70% of people turning 65 will need long-term care in their lives.
  • 37% of those receiving long-term care are under the age of 65.

Family members may be able to provide some support, either through their care or through helping pay for expenses, but as needs increase this may become unsustainable. In 2015, the average cost for care at home from a home health aide at 18 hours per week was $20,000/year. In a private room nursing home, the cost was more than $80,000/year.

Even if you never need long-term care, your beneficiaries will receive the full death benefit of your long-term care insurance rider, minus any outstanding loans.

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