Life Insurance

Life insurance allows you to lay a firm foundation for your family’s financial future. The tax-free death benefit allows families to help meet financial obligations in a time of need.

A life insurance death benefit is commonly used to protect family members against an unexpected death. Nearly 60% of U.S. households with dependents plan to use life insurance to provide for their families in the event of a premature death, more than any other financial resource. And new reports suggest that a growing concern for many Americans is the fear of outliving their funds in their retirement years.

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Financial Foundation IUL℠

The Financial Foundation IUL℠, or FFIUL from TransAmerica provides a federal income tax-free death benefit to help protect your family and their dreams. There are four key features to the FFIUL:

  • two index account options to provide growth potential to help outpace inflation;
  • guaranteed minimum interest rate brings safety;
  • the tax-free death benefit helps retain your growth; and,
  • tax-free loans and withdrawals, tax-deferral on any earnings and tax-free transfers help reduce tax burden.
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